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  • Cash Receipting ProcedureThis document establishes the University’s process for the accurate and timely handling of all cash received by the University, so that risk to staff and the University is minimised.
  • Casual Employment PolicyThis document establishes the University’s approach concerning employment of appropriately skilled and qualified casual staff.
  • Casual Employment ProcedureThis document outlines the steps and responsibilities associated with the recruitment, selection and appointment of casual staff.
  • Charter of CouncilThe Charter of Council is a non-legislative set of guidelines adopted by the Council to assist Councillors with implementation of the intentions of the Act
  • Children at Macquarie University PolicyThis document establishes principles relating to children at Macquarie University in order to ensure the University meets legislative obligations for the protection of children involved in any University-related activity; and provides services and alternative arrangements to support, and ensure equality of opportunity for, staff and students with carer responsibilities.
  • Children at Macquarie University ProcedureThis document outlines roles and responsibilities relating to: Working with Children Checks (WWCC); Handling Child Abuse Allegations; and Obtaining Permission to Bring a Child on Campus.
  • Classification and Capture ProcedureThis document identifies responsibilities and actions related to classification and capture of records and information in accordance with the Records and Information Management Policy.
  • Complaint Management Procedure for StaffThis document establishes Macquarie University’s approach to managing staff complaints.
  • Complaints Resolution Policy for Students and Members of the PublicThis document sets out the University’s approach to responding to and resolving complaints from current, prospective and former students of the University and Members of the Public.
  • Complaints Resolution Procedure for Students and Members of the PublicThis Procedure supports the Complaints Resolution Policy for Students and Members of the Public by setting out the University’s processes for managing and resolving complaints by current, prospective and former students and members of the public.
  • Compliance PolicyThis document outlines how the University monitors and manages Compliance obligations relating to its operations and activities.
  • Computer and Network Security ProcedureThis document specifies the standards for cyber security protection for the University’s computer and network resources in accordance with the Cyber Security Policy.
  • Conflict of Interest PolicyThis policy establishes principles and procedures for identification, disclosure and management of conflicts of interests at Macquarie University.
  • Constitution RulesThe Macquarie University Constitution Rules are made by the Council of Macquarie University under sections 8 and 9 of the Macquarie University Act 1989 (NSW) (the Act).
  • Contract Management Procedure(Expired)This document provides guidance on key contract management issues.
  • Controlled Entities PolicyThis document establishes the University’s governance framework for Controlled Entities.
  • Controlled Entities ProcedureThis document provides guidance on the governance of all Controlled Entities (CEs) of Macquarie University during their lifecycle.
  • Core Business Hours PolicyThis document establishes the minimum levels of support to be provided for the safe operation of Macquarie University teaching, research, and support services and facilities.
  • Council and Council Committees ProcedureThis document sets out the requirements and protocols for meetings of Council and Committees of Council (Committees) and related processes. It should be read in conjunction with the Charter of Council and the Terms of Reference for each Committee.
  • Course of Study Accreditation PolicyThis Policy documents the process through which a new course of study (~course’), including its constituent units of study (~units’) and course components, is approved (accredited) for delivery by the University.
  • Course of Study Annual Monitoring and Review PolicyThe purpose of this Policy is to support the assurance and enhancement of the quality, integrity, and relevance of the University’s suite of award courses of study (~courses’). It ensures that all courses meet agreed institutional, disciplinary and regulatory standards regarding their quality in teaching, learning and the student experience.
  • Course of Study Reaccreditation PolicyThis Policy and and its procedures document the process through which approved award courses of study (~courses’) are reaccredited by the University.
  • Course of Study Revision PolicyThis Policy supports the continual enhancement of the quality, integrity, and relevance of the University’s suite of award courses of study (~courses’). This Policy documents the process by which courses, including their constituent course components and units of study (~units’), can be subject to revision during their accreditation cycle or at the point of reaccreditation.
  • Course of Study Suspension and Discontinuation PolicyThis document details the processes through which a course of study is closed to new enrolments, or no longer offered by the University.
  • Course Transfer (Undergraduate Coursework) PolicyThis document establishes the principles for students seeking to transfer from one undergraduate course to another.
  • Course Transfer (Undergraduate Coursework) ProcedureThis document establishes the required steps for students seeking to transfer from one undergraduate course to another.
  • Credit Card Concur Expense System Procedure(Expired)This document establishes the requirements and process steps to be followed when performing credit card transactions in the Concur Expense Management System (CES).
  • Credit Card Guideline(Expired)This document provides further clarification of Credit Card terms.

    Please note: This Guideline is under review, please refer to the Credit Cards page for further information.
  • Credit Card PolicyThis document specifies the principles that govern the issuing and use of a University Credit Card.
  • Credit Card ProcedureThis document establishes how the University facilitates the issuing and use of a University Credit Card.
  • Critical Finance Systems User Governance ProcedureThis document establishes the controls governing user access management for Critical Finance Systems across the University and its Controlled Entities (~the Group’).
  • Critical Incident Management PolicyThis document specifies the University’s approach to and processes for managing critical incidents.
  • Curriculum Architecture PolicyThis document governs the design and structure of new academic courses and amendments to existing courses.
  • Cyber Security PolicyThis document specifies the cyber security responsibilities of Macquarie University staff, students, and other authorised users in order to protect the University’s people, information, and technology assets.