Bulletin Board

Bulletin Board

The Bulletin Board displays policies, procedures, guidelines, and rules that have been approved or came into effect in the last two months, as well as draft documents available for comment.  Draft documents are not approved and should not be relied upon in any way.

Feedback and comment on existing documents may be provided at any time directly to the Responsible Officer shown on the Status and Details tab at the top of each document.

Recent Approvals

Document Title Status Effective Date
Non-Current Assets Procedure Current 26th November 2021
Transfer and Release for International Students Policy Current 24th November 2021
Transfer and Release for International Students Procedure Current 24th November 2021
Thematic Review Policy Current 24th November 2021
Export Controls and Sanctions Policy Current 11th November 2021
Charter of Council Current 26th October 2021
Council and Council Committees Procedure Current 26th October 2021
Course of Study Reaccreditation Policy Current 20th October 2021
Revenue Recognition Procedure Current 18th October 2021
International Education Agent Policy Current 15th October 2021
International Education Agent Management Procedure Current 15th October 2021
Withdrawal Procedure Current 8th October 2021
Under 18 Welfare and Accommodation Procedure Current 7th October 2021
New Educational Products Policy Current 6th October 2021
Biosafety and Biosecurity Policy Current 5th October 2021

Policy Review and Development

Note: The Policy Review / Development Table provides a consolidated listing of policy documents that are currently under review or in development within the categories of:

  • Learning and Teaching;
  • Higher Degree Research; and
  • Student Administration.

This Table is accessible to Staff only (via TRUTH).

Draft Documents for Comment

You are invited to review the following documents and provide comment.  Note that you must complete all three stages of the submission process for your comments to be received.  Simply saving a comment in the comment box does not mean it has been submitted and if you exit the system or are timed-out, you will not be able to retrieve it later.  You must choose Save and continue at the bottom of the page to continue through the three stages of the submission process.  At the end of the submission process you will receive a copy of your submitted comments.  You can always return another time to make further comments.

A shield indicates that a document is under development and / or in the first stage of the consultation process and as such is only available to the core stakeholders using the password issued by the author. If you would like to provide feedback on a limited access draft document please contact policy@mq.edu.au.

Document Title Date Due for Comment Document Author
[PROTECTED]Gifts, Benefits, and Entertainment Policy (Version 2 Draft 1) 2nd December 2021 Natalie Budovsky
Student Discipline Procedure (Version 2 Draft 1)
5th December 2021 Jennifer Martin