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  • Thematic Review PolicyThis document establishes the process through which topical matters related to the University’s academic enterprise can be made subject to review.
  • Transfer and Release for International Students PolicyThis document establishes the circumstances under which the University will allow both the enrolment of transferring international students and the release of international students from the University to another registered provider prior to or within the first six months of study in their Principal Course.
  • Transfer and Release for International Students ProcedureThis document provides further information concerning the the management of transfer and release requests from international students.
  • Travel PolicyThis document specifies the principles by which Macquarie University Group and its Controlled Entities (the University) will facilitate business travel for professional, academic, and research staff, controlled entity staff, authorised contractors, volunteers, and students. This document is supported by the Travel Procedure, and the TravelRight webpage.
  • Travel ProcedureThis document establishes how the University facilitates Travel for Business.
  • Tuition Fee Setting PolicyThis document establishes the principles to apply when setting student tuition fees for Macquarie University.