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  • U MQ Ltd Board Terms of ReferenceThis Terms of Reference sets out the establishment, membership, functions and responsibilities of the Board of U@MQ Ltd, and procedural matters regarding the meetings of the Board.
  • Under 18 Welfare and Accommodation ProcedureThis Procedure documents the responsibilities and requirements to be followed relating to the accommodation and welfare arrangements for students who are under eighteen (18) years of age who are not residing with a parent or suitable nominated relative / guardian.
  • Unit of Study Monitoring and Grade Ratification PolicyThis document supports the assurance, enhancement and improvement (QAE&I) of the quality, integrity and relevance of the University’s suite of units of study, and is part of Stage 4 Monitoring of the Curriculum Lifecycle Framework.
  • Unit of Study Periodic Review PolicyThis Policy documents the process by which units of study (â€~units’) are subjected to periodic review during the Accreditation cycle of the course(s) of study (â€~course/s’) in which they are offered.
  • University Clinics PolicyThis document establishes the requirements for the operation of a University Clinic.
  • University Events PolicyThis document establishes requirements for the planning, production, execution and delivery of University events, including the level of support provided by the Events and Domestic Protocol Unit.
  • University Medal PolicyThis document establishes the nomination and assessment criteria for the award of a University Medal.
  • University Medal ProcedureThis document provides further information on key roles and responsibilities associated with the award of a University Medal.
  • University Strategic Events ProcedureThis document establishes the University’s Strategic Events Support Model to ensure the appropriate management, approval, briefing, communication and delivery of Strategic Events in accordance with the University Events Policy.