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Facilities Hire Policy

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Section 1 - Purpose

(1) This Policy outlines the hiring conditions of facilities managed by Macquarie University Property (Property).


(2) Facilities managed by Property may be hired by University staff, students and the general public, subject to specific conditions, when they are not being used to support University activities.

(3) Facilities managed by Property are generally free of charge for approved University activities (“no charge activities”). However, there are a range of University and non-University activities that will attract hiring charges (“chargeable activities”).

(4) Property and Campus Life work in partnership to provide a facilities hire service for internal and external customers.


(5) This Policy applies to:

  1. chargeable activities;
  2. staff, student groups and Campus Life staff who are organising chargeable activities; and
  3. the general public whose activities are all chargeable.

(6) The facilities covered by this Policy include:

  1. all Centrally Allocated Pool (CAP) rooms;
  2. a small selection of kitchens and foyers;
  3. a range of outdoor areas; and
  4. the E7B Courtyard (for staff only).

(7) This Policy does not cover:

  1. no charge activities;
  2. local rooms managed by individual departments; and
  3. venues in Building C10A (North Ryde campus) managed by Campus Life.
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Section 2 - Policy

(8) University staff, students and the general public may hire facilities, subject to specific conditions, when they are not being used to support University activities.

(9) Property will maintain a schedule of Activity Categories that shows the no charge and chargeable activities.


(10) All facilities hire enquiries will need to be directed to Campus Life as they are the only institutional point of contact for hiring customers. Campus Experience will coordinate hire requests with Property.

(11) Campus Experience will be responsible for managing all contact with customers who wish to hire a facility.

(12) Campus Experience will offer the following services to hiring customers:

  1. facilities hire “one-stop-shop”, administration and enquiries;
  2. events management, including:
    1. opening the facilities and any pre-event arrangements;
    2. meeting and greeting hiring customers;
    3. being on call to troubleshoot problems;
    4. ensuring the event finishes on time; and
    5. coordinating clean up after the event;
  3. catering services (optional); and
  4. audiovisual services coordination (optional).

(13) Property will determine the priority of hire requests according to the Room Booking Policy.

(14) Property will not deal directly with hiring customers, referring them to Campus Experience to manage, but will provide the following services:

  1. cleaning and maintenance of rooms;
  2. lighting and air-conditioning of rooms;
  3. classroom furniture and fixtures in rooms;
  4. security services; and
  5. parking.


(15) Staff who run chargeable activities may hire rooms and outdoor areas all year round after the timetabling of major University activities is complete in Week 3 of each half-year.

(16) Staff may hire outdoor areas in isolation.

(17) Staff who are planning to hold conferences, seminars and events involving guest speakers are required to contact the University’s Marketing Department and refer to the Events Manual.


(18) Registered student groups that run chargeable activities are required to hire rooms through the Campus Experience Student Services Coordinator.

(19) Student groups and Campus Life may hire outdoor areas in isolation.


(20) The general public may hire facilities to hold approved chargeable activities. Facilities are only available on weekends and vacation breaks.

(21) Outdoor areas may only be hired as breakout spaces when rooms are also hired for an approved chargeable activity. The general public may not hire outdoor areas in isolation.

Hiring Fees

(22) Fee Schedules will be maintained as follows:

  1. Campus Life will maintain a Schedule of Events Management fees which will include Booking Administration fees;
  2. Campus Life will maintain a separate Schedule of Catering fees;
  3. Property will maintain separate schedules of fees for rooms and outdoor areas for use by staff and the general public. These fees will be based on the seating capacity of rooms; and
  4. Learning and Teaching Centre (LTC) will maintain a schedule of Technician and Equipment Hire fees.

(23) Fees will be reviewed annually and will be in line with market rates.

(24) Macquarie University Property, Campus Life and LTC will not discount their fees.

(25) Campus Life will co-ordinate any required audiovisual services with LTC two (2) weeks in advance of the booking. Where audio-visual services are requested:

  1. an LTC technician and LTC equipment must be hired for CAP rooms with a capacity greater than 250 people; and
  2. LTC equipment must be hired for CAP rooms with a capacity less than 250 people. In this case, an LTC technician is not required and Campus Life will operate the audio-visual equipment according to LTC guidelines.

(26) Campus Life will co-ordinate a request for the installation of additional lighting and equipment with Property.

(27) A request by any internal or external party for a review of a facilities hire quote will require consideration from the Office of the Vice-Chancellor or the Vice-President, Finance and Resources. The OVC's or Vice-President, Finance and Resources decision will be final.

Hiring Conditions

(28) All hiring customers will comply with the Facilities Usage Policy.

(29) All catering will comply with the Entertainment Policy.

(30) All hiring customers planning to film / photograph on campus will comply with the Filming on Campus Policy.

(31) Parking fees will apply at all times and will not be waived.

(32) Campus Life will provide a hiring customer with a facilities hire quote that includes Campus Life, Property and LTC fees.

(33) All hiring customers will be required to sign a Facilities Hire Agreement and agree to:

  1. Public Liability Insurance conditions;
  2. payment conditions;
  3. smoking, alcohol, food and drink conditions;
  4. clean up after the activity; and
  5. compensation for damage.

(34) Property and Campus Life reserve the right, without liability, to cancel a hire or refuse an activity if it believes that the conduct of the activity will:

  1. disrupt the smooth operation of the University’s business; and / or
  2. pose a security risk or threat.

(35) The University has the right and responsibility to determine the terms and conditions upon which it shall permit external visitors and invited visitors to speak on University land and use University facilities and in so doing may:

  1. require the person or persons organising the event to comply with the University’s booking procedures and to provide information relevant to the conduct of any event, and any public safety and security issues;
  2. distinguish between invited visitors and external visitors in framing any such requirements and conditions;
  3. refuse permission to any invited visitor or external visitor to speak on University land or at University facilities where the content of the speech is or is likely to:
    1. be unlawful;
    2. prejudice the fulfilment by the University of its duty to foster the wellbeing of staff and students; and / or
    3. involve the advancement of theories or propositions which purport to be based on scholarship or research but which fall below scholarly standards to such an extent as to be detrimental to the University’s character as an institution of higher learning;
  4. require a person or persons seeking permission for the use of University land or facilities for any visiting speaker to contribute in whole or in part to the cost of providing security and other measures in the interests of public safety and order in connection with the event at which the visitor is to speak.

(36) Subject to the preceding principles the University does not refuse permission for the use of its land or facilities by an external visitor or invited visitor nor attach conditions to its permission, solely on the basis of the content of the proposed speech by the visitor.

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Section 3 - Procedures

(37) Nil.

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Section 4 - Guidelines

(38) Nil.

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Section 5 - Definitions

(39) The following definitions apply for the purpose of this Policy:

  1. Book means to reserve the use of a facility at a specific date and time for a chargeable or no charge activity.
  2. Chargeable activity means an approved University activity that has an entry fee, or an approved non-University activity (with or without entry fees).
  3. Hire means to pay for the use of a facility for a chargeable activity.
  4. No charge activity means an approved University activity that does not have an entry fee.