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Smoking on Campus Policy

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Section 1 - Purpose

(1) To support wellbeing on campus, including within any Macquarie University controlled building, vehicle or boat.


(2) The University is committed to the wellbeing of our staff, students and visitors by creating a healthy and sustainable campus and encouraging smokers to quit. Support for quitting is available via the NSW Government iCanQuit website and Quitline 137 848.

(3) Environmental tobacco smoke poses a significant health risk with overwhelming evidence demonstrating that passive smoking (the inhalation of residual smoke) increases the risk of developing lung cancer, as well as acting as a trigger for other serious medical conditions.

(4) The University is taking a position to respect the rights of non-smokers and smokers alike by designating smoking areas on campus. This approach also aligns with our commitment to protecting the environment through the provision of bins in designated smoking areas for the disposal of cigarette butts.


(5) This Policy applies to all staff, students, and visitors. It covers all Macquarie University campuses, including the North Ryde campus, the Sydney City campus, all Macquarie University controlled entities and controlled buildings, and all Macquarie University vehicles (including boats).

(6) This Policy does not apply to third party owned or operated sites. Staff and students at third party sites are required to adhere to that site’s smoking provisions.

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Section 2 - Policy

(7) The University is committed to the wellbeing of our staff, students and visitors by creating a healthy and sustainable campus and encouraging smokers to quit.

(8) Smoking is prohibited on the main campus of Macquarie University (North Ryde), with the exception of smoking within the University’s designated and clearly marked smoking areas. Staff, students and visitors to the University are only permitted to smoke within the designated smoking areas (see Designated Smoking Areas). Consistent with our legislative obligations, the University does not accept smoking near to or outside these areas.

(9) Smoking is explicitly prohibited:

  1. within buildings where Macquarie University conducts its business, and within a distance of four (4) metres from the entrance or exit of these buildings;
  2. within the grounds, or in the buildings, of:
    1. Macquarie University Hospital;
    2. Macquarie University sports fields;
    3. Macquarie University child care facilities;
    4. all other (i.e. non-North Ryde) Macquarie University campuses;
    5. any Macquarie University controlled building; and
  3. within all Macquarie University vehicles, including boats.

(10) Macquarie University does not provide smoking breaks. Staff, including contractors, choosing to smoke will need to take this time as part of their meal break allowance.

(11) Staff and students at third party sites are required to adhere to the specific site’s smoking provisions. In all cases, smoking while on field trips, research activities etc., must not occur within four (4) metres of a work, meal or living environment.

(12) Smokers who repeatedly smoke in prohibited and/or non-designated areas will be managed in accordance with the applicable provisions of the Student Code of Conduct and Student Conduct Rules and Student Conduct Procedure, Staff Code of Conduct, Enterprise Agreements and any other appropriate provisions.

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Section 3 - Procedures

(13) Nil.

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Section 4 - Guidelines

(14) Nil.

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Section 5 - Definitions

(15) The following definitions apply for the purpose of this Policy:

  1. Designated smoking area means an area of the University campus set aside for the purposes of smoking. The University will, from time to time, make a determination of these and publish them on the University website.
  2. Smoke / smoking means use, consume, hold or otherwise have control over a tobacco product, non-tobacco smoking product or e-cigarette that is generating (whether or not by burning) smoke, an aerosol or vapour.
  3. Smoke-free area means any area other than a designated smoking area. This includes enclosed public places and outdoor public places as established under the provisions of the Smoke-free Environment Act 2000 (the Act). It is an offence under the Act to smoke in any smoke-free area.
  4. Staff means any staff member of the University and includes officers, employees and contractors of the University and the appointees to Conjoint, Adjunct, Emeritus, Honorary, Clinical and Visiting academic positions at the University.
  5. Student includes:
    1. a person who is enrolled in or auditing a program or unit of study or research provided by the University;
    2. a person who is enrolled in a program or unit of study or research at or offered by an educational institution affiliated with the University which is approved as an award program or a unit of study or research by the University;
    3. a person who has completed a program or unit of study or research at the University but has not yet been awarded the applicable award; and
    4. any person who undertakes any examination or other academic assessment task which is part of a program or unit of study or research provided, supervised or assessed by the University.