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Support For Students Policy

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Section 1 - Purpose

(1) Macquarie University (the University) is committed to supporting all students so that they can be successful.

(2) The aims of this Policy are to:

  1. outline the principles, policy documents, and responsibilities that govern the provision of academic and non-academic support services that assist students to complete their study successfully; and
  2. meet the requirements under section 19 – 43(2)(b) of the Higher Education Support Act 2003 (Cth) for compliance with the Higher Education Standards Framework (Threshold Standards) 2021 (Cth) and the National Code of Practice for Providers of Education and Training to Overseas Students 2018 (Cth).


(3) This Policy applies to all students, as well as to academic and professional staff who provide either academic and/or non-academic services to students.

(4) The Policy does not apply to participants enrolled in microcredentials or other short forms learning.

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Section 2 - Policy

Students at risk

(5) The University will identify students who are at risk of not successfully completing their studies by monitoring risk indicators including, but not limited to, engagement with learning materials and prior unit fails in accordance with:

  1. Academic Progression Policy and Academic Progression Procedure;
  2. Macquarie University College Academic Progression Policy; and
  3. Graduate Research Continuation Policy and Graduate Research Continuation Procedure.

(6) Students identified as at risk are referred to and encouraged to access appropriate support services.

Support services for students

(7) The University recognises students as unique individuals with diverse support needs and, where appropriate, provides tailored support services.

(8) The University will provide and/or facilitate access to a comprehensive suite of academic and non-academic support services (Refer to Schedule A: Support services for students).

(9) The Policy and available supports (defined in Schedule A) are published on the University website.

(10) All personal information will be managed in accordance with the Privacy Policy.

(11) In certain circumstances, support may be delivered by external providers in accordance with relevant University policy documents and legislative or regulatory frameworks.


(12) Academic and/or professional staff who interact with students are responsible for informing students of the available support services when it is appropriate to do so.

(13) Students are responsible for directing and managing their own learning, understanding their course requirements, and meeting academic demands, recognising census date implications, and utilising University support services to successfully complete their studies.

Quality assurance and reporting

(14) The Policy will be reviewed annually to ensure that it remains fit for purpose and to identify any opportunities for improvement.

(15) The Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic) will report annually to the Commonwealth Government on relevant matters as required.

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Section 3 - Procedures

(16) Nil.

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Section 4 - Guidelines

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Section 5 - Definitions

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