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Macquarie University College Subcommittee Terms of Reference

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Section 1 - Establishment


(1) The Macquarie University College Subcommittee (the Subcommittee), formerly called the Macquarie University International College Subcommittee, was established by the Academic Senate in June 2015 under clause 36(c) of the Academic Senate Rules and is directly responsible and accountable to the Academic Standards and Quality Committee of the Academic Senate for the exercise of its responsibilities.

(2) These Terms of Reference set out the Committee’s purpose, authority, membership and functions and responsibilities.

(3) The procedures for the Committee are set out in the Academic Senate and Academic Senate Committees Procedure.


(4) The purpose of the Subcommittee is to ensure the quality and standards of the Macquarie University College (the College) (including academic programs and processes) against internal and external quality indicators, legislation, and University rules and policies.


(5) The Academic Senate may, from time to time, resolve to grant the Subcommittee specific authorisations to discharge its responsibilities. All authorisations will be documented in Section 3, Functions and Responsibilities.

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Section 2 - Membership

(6) The membership of the Subcommittee will consist of:

  1. the Chair, appointed by the Chair, Academic Senate (in consultation with the Academic Senate Standing Committee);
  2. the Deputy Chair, drawn from the membership following an expression of interest process and appointed by the Subcommittee);
  3. The Director, Macquarie University College;
  4. The nominee of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic);
  5. The Associate Director, Macquarie University College;
  6. The Student Administration and Operations Manager of the College;
  7. the following members appointed by the Chair, Academic Senate (in consultation with the Academic Senate Standing Committee):
    1. the nominee of Chief Student Recruitment Officer (Global and Domestic) from Macquarie International;
    2. up to four academic staff members appointed by Academic Senate from each of the Faculties;
    3. at least two (2) student members nominated by the Chair of the Subcommittee, being students drawn from the current cohort or recent graduates of the College.

Term of office

(7) The term of office for members appointed under clauses 6 (a), (b), (d),  and (g) is two (2) years unless otherwise specified

(8) The Chair, Academic Senate may renew any member’s term of appointment, in consultation with the Academic Senate Standing Committee.

Casual vacancies

(9) Where a casual vacancy occurs during the term of membership of an appointed member under clauses 6 (a), (b), or (g), a new nomination will be sought from the relevant nominator for appointment by the Chair, Academic Senate (in consultation with Academic Senate Standing Committee).

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Section 3 - Functions and Responsibilities

(10) The Subcommittee is directly responsible and accountable to the Academic Standards and Quality Committee for the exercise of its responsibilities.

(11) The Subcommittee will provide advice and make recommendations to the College, and to Academic Senate via the Academic Standards and Quality Committee, on:

  1. matters relating to the College’s educational programs and activities;
  2. the schedule of academic courses, programs and units offered by the College including the proposals to introduce or disestablish courses and programs of study to be delivered by the College; including plans to modify structure, content, method of delivery, naming, admission or completion requirements;
  3. academic standards and quality, and teaching effectiveness in courses and programs delivered by the College;
  4. academic priorities of the College; and
  5. any matters referred to it by Academic Senate.

(12) The Subcommittee will regularly review the University's policies, procedures and frameworks governing the academic activities of the College, and

  1. contribute to the development or amendment of University policies, procedures and frameworks that impact on the academic activities of the College;
  2. monitor and ensure that the College aligns with University’s policies and procedures and with external regulatory requirements relating to University award courses including but not limited to admissions, credit and recognition of prior learning, orientation and progress, learning outcomes and experience, qualifications and certification, diversity and equity; course design; approval and accreditation; monitoring, review and improvement; course and unit representation;
  3. introduce appropriate mechanisms to monitor the quality and standards of University award courses, programs and units, including but not limited to comparison with institutional benchmarks, student cohort analysis, and a regular cycle of course and unit review, and introduce measure to effectively address and control any associated risks;
  4. oversee the progress of the College’s award courses and programs undergoing accreditation/re-accreditation and report to ASQC on the outcomes.

(13) The Subcommittee may establish working groups to support the performance of its roles and responsibilities.

(14) Operational and budgetary matters are outside the role and responsibilities of the Subcommittee. This includes the business case of any proposal which must be approved by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic).

(15) Academic Senate has granted the Committee the following authorisations:

  1. approve the College’s unit offerings, including the approval of new units and the amendment, renewal or disestablishment of existing units;
  2. ratify examination results for the College’s units in accordance with the relevant academic rules and quality assurance frameworks prescribed by Academic Senate.
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Section 4 - Meetings


(16) The Subcommittee shall meet at least six times in each year and whenever summoned by the Chair.


(17) A quorum for a meeting of the Subcommittee shall be a majority of the membership, i.e., half of the entire membership plus one, other than those members absent on approved leave.

Agendas and Minutes

(18) The Subcommittee will be supported by staff within the Macquarie University College, in accordance with the University’s standard committee servicing protocols.

Conflicts of interest

(19) Where a member has an actual, potential, or perceived conflict of interest, they must declare this prior to discussion of the item of business.

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Section 5 - Variations

(20) Variations to the terms of reference of the Subcommittee will be approved by the Academic Senate (if deemed appropriate) following recommendation by the Academic Standards and Quality Committee.

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Section 6 - Definitions

(21) For the purpose of this document:

  1. Subcommittee – means the Macquarie University College Subcommittee.
  2. Faculty – a reference to the term “Faculty/Faculties” includes the Macquarie Business School.
  3. College – means the Macquarie University College.