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Nominations Committee Rules

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Section 1 - Preliminary

Name of Rules

(1) These Rules are the Nominations Committee Rules.


(2) These Rules commence on 5 December 2012.


(3) These Rules are enacted for the University Council (Council) to establish a Nominations Committee pursuant and subject to By-law 14.


(4) The Council of Macquarie University makes the following rules under section 29 of the Macquarie University Act 1989 and Part 10 of the Macquarie University By-law 2005.


(5) Nil.

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Section 2 - Rules

(6) The University Council (Council) shall establish a Nominations Committee pursuant and subject to section 14 of the Macquarie University By-law 2005 (the By-law).

(7) For the purposes of section 15 of the By-law, the Council Secretary (or nominee) will convene the Committee.

(8) The Chancellor (or nominee) may seek expressions of interest from suitable persons who would be qualified to hold office under the specified category. Expressions of interest may be sought in any manner determined by the Committee except that, when expressions of interest are sought for appointment as graduate members, an advertisement must be placed once in a national newspaper and once in a newspaper circulating in NSW.

(9) An expression of interest may be in any form but it must include a statement addressing the nominee’s suitability for appointment in terms of the qualifications / skills / knowledge sought, together with information and qualifications and experience and full contact details. It must be received by the Registrar or Council Secretary, as appropriate, by the due date for the particular round of considerations.

(10) A person may be nominated by a member of the University or a person may self-nominate.

(11) Contact with nominees will be through the Registrar or Council Secretary (or nominee), as appropriate, unless otherwise authorised by the Chancellor. The Committee will at all times respect the right of any nominee to have their nomination treated in confidence.

(12) Subject to clause 15 of the By-law considering nominations, the Committee will consider whether those nominated:

  1. have an appreciation of the values of Macquarie University and its core activities of teaching, research and community outreach, its independence and academic freedom;
  2. can contribute to the Council by having (or having the capacity to develop) a good understanding of what the external community needs from the University and strong external networks of benefit to the University; and
  3. will contribute to the effective working of the Council, and ensure that they have complementary skills to those already serving on the Council.

(13) In making its recommendations to the Council, the Committee will include in its report its assessment of the nominees against the factors listed above as well as any other relevant factors it has taken into consideration in coming to its decision. It may refer to the qualities of those not recommended but it will not identify them.

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Section 3 - Schedules and Associated Information

(14) Nil.