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Affiliation of Residential College Rules

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Section 1 - Preliminary

Name of Rules

(1) These Rules are the Affiliation of Residential College Rules.


(2) These Rules commence on 5 December 2012.


(3) The Council of Macquarie University makes the following rules under section 29 of the Macquarie University Act 1989 and Part 10 of the Macquarie University By-law 2005.


(4) Nil.

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Section 2 - Rules

Establishment of Colleges

(5) The Council may permit a residential college to be established in association with the University.

Affiliation of Colleges

(6) Subject to the provisions of these Rules and upon such conditions as it may determine, the Council may grant affiliation with the University to a residential college whether upon land vested in or acquired by the University, or upon other land if the college is established and maintained in accordance with these Rules.

Resident Members

(7) Except in special cases determined by the Council, a college shall not during University terms permit a person (other than a member of the staff of the college) to reside at the college unless he or she is a resident member of the college.

(8) A college shall not admit a person to a resident membership unless he or she:

  1. is enrolled in a program of study leading to a degree, associate degree or diploma of the University;
  2. is enrolled in a program of study leading to a masters, postgraduate diploma or postgraduate certificate of the University;
  3. is enrolled in a unit, or units, as offered by:
    1. the Macquarie University College, or
    2. the Sydney Institute of Business and Technology (SIBT); 
  4. is enrolled in a unit, or units, as a non-award student;
  5. is engaged in research at the University; or
  6. is a member of the academic or professional staff of a recognised university.

(9) In admitting persons to resident membership, a college shall give preference to applicants of the categories described in clauses 11(a), 11(b) and 11(c) of these Rules over applicants of the category described in clauses 11(d) thereof.

(10) The number of residents of a college (other than members of its domestic staff) at any time who upon their admission to the college had not reached an educational standard comparable, in the opinion of the Council, with the educational standard of students entering the University for degree courses, shall not exceed ten per cent of the total number of residents of the college at that time.

Non-resident Members

(11) A college may admit to non-resident membership of the college:

  1. any person who is not disqualified for admission to residential membership under clause 7; and
  2. members of Convocation.

No religious test

(12) A college shall not impose any religious test as a condition of membership of the college and shall not require of any member that he or she participate in any religious observance.

Constitution of College

(13) The constitution of an affiliated college shall be approved by the Council, and without limiting the generality of the foregoing provision, shall provide:

  1. for one member of the governing body of the college to be appointed by the Council from time to time and for such period as the Council determines;
  2. for the appointment, conjointly by the governing body of the college and the Council, of a Visitor to the college to discharge such powers authorities and functions as the Council may from time to time determine.

(14) The constitution of an affiliated college shall not be altered or amended except with the prior approval of the Council.

Withdrawal of affiliation

(15) At any time, after giving two months’ notice in writing to the governing body of a college that in the opinion of the Council it has failed to comply with these Rules or with the conditions upon which affiliation has been granted, the Council may by resolution withdraw the affiliation of a college with the University. Before forming such opinion the Council shall:

  1. give notice in writing to the governing body of the college, specifying the matters in respect of which it is alleged that the college has failed to comply with these Rules or with the conditions upon which affiliation has been granted and stating that such failure may result in the withdrawal of such affiliation; and
  2. give the governing body an opportunity to show cause why the affiliation should not be withdrawn.
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Section 3 - Schedules and Associated Information

(16) Nil.