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Posters and Advertisements Guideline

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Section 1 - Purpose

(1) This Guideline provides information for the management of advertising posters, banners and other display material on campus, including chalking.

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Section 2 - Policy

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Section 3 - Procedures

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Section 4 - Guidelines

Guidelines for the Management of Advertising Posters, Banners and Other Display Material on Campus

(4) Macquarie University hosts a diversity of social, staff, cultural, craft, political, welfare and sporting bodies, as well as academic organisations. Most of these organisations have at some time a need to publicise their activities by exhibiting promotional material.

(5) The University fully appreciates the need for the advertising of these University activities in traditional ways. This is an important part of the variety and stimulation of our daily campus life. However, we ought to be able to meet this need with a degree of self-discipline and respect for our environment. One of the University's greatest assets is the fine campus it inhabits and it would be a great pity not to actively discourage the visual pollution of our environment with promotional materials.

(6) With these considerations in mind, the following Guidelines are set down for the management of promotional materials on campus.

  1. All Macquarie University and associated organisations have the privilege of displaying promotional material in agreed areas for a specified period of time.
  2. The placement of advertising and marketing materials relating to commercial venues and activities on campus is not permitted. Any such material posted on University grounds will be removed at the expense of the originator. The originator may also be subject to infringement action in accordance with the Protection of the Environment Operations Act 1997.
  3. Promotional materials must include the Student Council / SAM / MUSR affiliation indicated either by name or organisation / office of origin. The placing of such materials without identification will make them subject to immediate removal.
  4. There is to be due regard for the aesthetic appearance of the campus. Every effort should be made to display quality promotional material that complements the University environment.
  5. Promotional materials should be placed in such a way as not to affect health or safety.
  6. Promotional material of an objectionable nature to the general public must not be displayed (sexist, racist, language, etc). Such material will be removed at the cost of the originator.
  7. All promotional material must be attached with either thumb tacks or tape only. Glued materials will be removed at the promoter's expense.
  8. Promotional materials should not be placed in excessive numbers, so as to preclude promotions by others.
  9. Promotional materials are not to be posted for a period exceeding fourteen (14) days.
  10. Originators of promotional material must remove it as soon as possible after the activity date, and not exceeding seven (7) days after. Failure to remove the material within the specified time will result in removal of the material by the University at the cost of the originator.
  11. The placement of banners requires special consideration and will not be permitted except for specific occasions, e.g. Advising Day, Open Day, Red Cross Blood Bank. Care must be taken to ensure the safety of individuals placing banners for display or those who may be in the vicinity of such banners. Care must also be taken so as not to damage structures or vegetation on campus. The placing of any banners must be coordinated through the Macquarie University Property for approval and determination of appropriate fittings and attachments. (Minimum of one (1) week prior notice required).
  12. The use of handbills for promotions is not permitted except for elections of Students' Council / Union / Associations. If handbills are authorised it will be the responsibility of the distributor / originator to ensure that discarded handbills are collected from all areas of the campus, ie gardens, footpaths, parking lots, etc on the same day of their distribution – refer Clause 6(j).
  13. After elections are completed, the Students' Council / Union / Associations will be held responsible for arranging with candidates for the expeditious removal of materials – refer Clauses 6(i) and 6(j)
  14. There should be no interference with promotional material of another exhibitor. Defacement / destruction or removal of posters or other advertising material displayed in accordance with these guidelines will be regarded as a breach of these Guidelines.
  15. Locations where promotional materials may be displayed are:
    1. i. the 'ventilation tower' adjacent to Macquarie Theatre;
    2. the east and north colonnade pillars and adjacent walls of the Library, including the walls of the external steps (to the level of the top step) leading from the Student Centre Office to the Library Court level. However, the southern wall and all other walls of the library and all library windows are to be kept free of promotional material;
    3. all internal uncovered display boards provided in various building entrances, foyers and covered ways;
    4. sandwich boards, not exceeding one square metre in surface area; and
    5. specifically provided surfaces on activity boards.
  16. Promotional material must not be placed:
    1. on the glass fronts of display boards so as to cover material inside;
    2. on campus light standards, directories, or street, traffic or parking signs;
    3. in toilets or lifts;
    4. in bus bays;
    5. attached to sculptures, trees, shrubs, rocks etc.;
    6. on building exteriors, entrances, doors, steps, stairwells or interior surfaces; and
    7. at a level higher than two (2) metres above the ground.
  17. Chalk may only be used on exterior footpaths (not steps) exposed to rainfall. The use of crayons, felt tip pens etc or any type of paint, is not permitted.
  18. Paper materials are not to be placed on footpaths as they tear / shred to become slip and tripping hazards and unacceptable pollutants.
  19. All surfaces will be cleaned back to the base surface at least six (6) times a year to suit the University calendar. In addition, cleaning will be undertaken for preparation of venues for specific occasions, eg Graduations.

(7) Any materials placed in contravention of these Guidelines are subject to immediate removal at the expense of the originator. All improperly placed material will be removed at the cost of the originator.

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Section 5 - Definitions

(8) Nil.