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Breastfeeding on Campus Staff Guideline

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Section 1 - Purpose

(1) To assist employees in making use of the provisions for breastfeeding staff that have been set out in the Leave - Parental / Partner's Leave Policy.


(2) This Guideline (Breastfeeding on Campus Staff Guideline) is intended for all employees of Macquarie University and its controlled entities who wish to combine breastfeeding and paid work. This may include:

  1. employees returning from parental leave;
  2. new employees who may be breastfeeding;
  3. employees who may be re-lactating; and
  4. pre-adoptive employees who may wish to establish a milk supply prior to their child’s placement.

(3) Students and visitors wishing to obtain advice on breastfeeding on campus can find information on the Support and Resources website.

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Section 2 - Policy

(4) Refer to the Leave - Parental / Partner's Leave Policy.

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Section 3 - Procedures

(5) Nil.

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Section 4 - Guideline


Breastfeeding/Expressing Breaks

(6) The Leave - Parental / Partner's Leave Policy gives all nursing staff access to breaks for expressing and storing breast milk and to breastfeed if the child is in nearby care. Lactation breaks are a local work area arrangement. Employees wishing to utilise lactation breaks should:

  1. discuss and agree with their manager the duration and timing of breastfeeding/expressing breaks before the first lactation break is taken;
  2. take both the organisational and personal needs into account, with a focus on minimising disruption in the workplace, when determining the timing of breastfeeding/expressing breaks; and
  3. notify their manager if their breastfeeding/expressing break needs change, or cease, so any agreement (work plan) can be amended as required as the needs of the organisation change.

Breastfeeding/Expressing Facilities

(7) Whilst parents can breastfeed anywhere on campus, Macquarie University provides dedicated Parents Rooms for the comfort of breastfeeding employees, students and visitors. These rooms can be used both by parents, including those who are expressing or breastfeeding on campus, and as first aid rooms. The rooms are located at:

  1. Faculty of Human Sciences, 29 Wally’s Walk;
  2. Faculty of Science and Engineering, 14 Eastern Road;
  3. Macquarie University Library, Level 4, 16 Macquarie Walk;
  4. Macquarie International, Ground Floor, 10 Macquarie Walk;
  5. Macquarie University Clinic, Ground Floor, 2 Technology Pl; and
  6. Corporate Engagement and Office of Advancement, Level 1, Building 1, 58 Waterloo Road, Macquarie Park.

(8) Each room contains at least the following:

  1. a comfortable chair suitable for breastfeeding;
  2. a table on which to place expressing equipment;
  3. access to a power point for expressing equipment;
  4. bar fridge for storing expressed breast milk and baby food;
  5. hot/cold running water, soap and paper towels (or close proximity to a bathroom, kitchenette or similar); and
  6. baby change room (except at Faculty of Human Sciences).

Storing Expressed Breast Milk

(9) Employees may elect to express breast milk at work and then take it home for their child. As other employees may also be expressing breast milk, it is important all milk is appropriately labelled and stored.

(10) With these considerations in mind, all employees storing expressed breast milk in one of the University’s Parents Rooms should:

  1. place a label with full name, date and phone number on each container used for expressed breast milk;
  2. store the breast milk in a separate lidded plastic container within the fridge (a large lunchbox is suitable);
  3. remove any expressed breast milk from work fridges at the conclusion of each shift;
  4. be mindful of milk storage times and conditions – these are available on the Australian Breastfeeding Association website;
  5. be considerate of others and leave the room in a clean and tidy state; and
  6. report any problems or faults to Workplace Equity and Diversity on 9850 1975 as soon as they are noticed.

(11) Note any breast milk that is left in the fridge overnight without a clear label will be disposed of.

Further Support and Information

(12) If you have any questions regarding these breastfeeding guidelines or breastfeeding facilities at Macquarie University, please contact Workplace Equity and Diversity on 9850 9703.

(13) The Australian Breastfeeding Association has trained Breastfeeding Counsellors who are available to assist women with their breastfeeding concerns, and questions about how to combine breastfeeding and returning to work. They can be contacted on the toll-free number 1800 686 268.

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Section 5 - Definitions

(14) The following definitions apply for the purpose of this Guideline:

  1. Breastfeeding: means breastfeeding an infant or expressing breast milk at the workplace for the future consumption of a child and for the health and comfort of the employee.