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Learning and Teaching Awards and Grants Policy

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Section 1 - Purpose

(1) This Policy sets out the University’s commitment to the provision of learning and teaching award and grant schemes, and specifies the principles that the University will apply in the assessment and allocation of these awards and grants.


(2) The aim of the University’s learning and teaching award and grant schemes is to:

  1. enhance the quality of teaching and the student experience of learning;
  2. encourage staff capability building in the scholarship and practice of learning and teaching;
  3. recognise, reward, celebrate and promote exemplary learning and teaching activities across the University; and
  4. increase staff engagement in, and success with, internal and external teaching awards and grants schemes.

(3) The University’s provision of learning and teaching award and grant schemes is critical to achieving strategic priorities identified in prevailing strategies and plans including Our University: A Framing of Futures, Learning and Teaching Strategic Framework: 2020-2024 and the University Operating Plan 2020-24.

(4) The schemes assist the portfolio of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic), Faculties, Macquarie University International College (MUIC), English Language Centre (ELC) and Offices to achieve priorities specified in the above strategies and plans.


(5) This Policy applies to Academic and Professional staff at all campuses and locations of Macquarie University, MUIC and ELC.

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Section 2 - Policy

(6) Macquarie University will:

  1. Offer learning and teaching award and grant schemes. These awards and grant schemes will:
    1. promote quality learning and teaching across the University;
    2. encourage staff to improve their capability and professional development in learning and teaching;
    3. recognise and reward innovative, engaging and evidence-based scholarly learning and teaching practices;
    4. provide practical and transparent information regarding the application process and timelines to support applicants, Faculties and Offices apply for award and grant schemes; and
    5. encourage a seamless transition between the awards and grants schemes offered by Departments, Faculties, Offices of Macquarie, Macquarie University International College, ELC and external schemes.
  2. Celebrate successful award and grant recipients as leaders and role models. This will be achieved through:
    1. communications and events;
    2. disseminating learning and teaching project outcomes through University fora, including workshops and online resources; and
    3. advancing the recognition of successful internal award and grant recipients by assisting them to apply for an external award or grant through peer review of their applications.
  3. Disseminate the learning gained by successful award and grant recipients. This will be achieved through:
    1. assisting and supporting award and grant applications from other staff members e.g. participation as mentors or peer reviewers; and
    2. providing opportunities for successful award and grant recipients to promote good practice and innovation in learning and teaching both within the University and more broadly across the sector.
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Section 3 - Procedures

(7) Refer to the Learning and Teaching Awards and Grants Procedure.

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Section 4 - Guidelines

(8) Nil.

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Section 5 - Definitions

(9) Commonly defined terms are located in the University Glossary.