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International Agreements Procedure

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Section 1 - Purpose

(1) This Procedure outlines the steps to obtain approval for establishing a new, or renewing an existing, agreement with an international partner institution or organisation.


(2) This Procedure relates to collaborative arrangements at the Faculty / Department or Institutional (University) level which are implemented through an agreement.

(3) This Procedure applies to all employees and academic and administrative units within the University and its Controlled Entities.

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Section 2 - Policy

(4) Refer to the International Agreements Policy.

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Section 3 - Procedure

Responsibilities and Required Actions

(5) This Procedure requires actions by the following:

  1. Deputy Vice-Chancellor (International);
  2. Executive Dean;
  3. General Counsel;
  4. Associate Director, International Relations; and
  5. Staff Member.

Staff Member


(6) If you identify the need for an international agreement with a suitable partner institution or organisation, seek initial endorsement from the Executive Dean.

(7) Contact the Associate Director, International Relations for information on existing agreements with the institution or organisation, and for assistance with the approval process.


(8) For transnational agreements only:

  1. assist the International Agreements Coordinator to complete Part 1 of the Quality Assurance Assessment;
  2. complete Part 2 of the Quality Assurance Assessment;
  3. submit the Quality Assurance Assessment to the Executive Dean for approval; and
  4. prepare an Academic Case with the assistance of the International Agreements Coordinator.

(9) Complete a Proposal for Establishing an International Agreement, identifying the agreement required.

Obtain Approval

(10) Obtain approval as follows:

  1. Proposals that do not include course delivery:
    1. Obtain Executive Dean approval for a Proposal for Establishing an International Agreement which requires a Memorandum of Understanding or a Student Exchange Agreement.
  2. Proposals that include course delivery:
    1. Submit an Academic Case and a Proposal for Establishing an International Agreement for dual degree, articulation or transnational arrangements, for approval by the:
      1. Executive Dean;
      2. Faculty Standards and Quality Committee;
      3. Academic Standards and Quality Committee; and
      4. Academic Senate.

(11) Forward the approved Proposal for Establishing an International Agreement to the International Agreements Co-ordinator.

Associate Director, International Relations

Advise and Assist with the Proposal

(12) Provide advice and assistance with the proposal approval process as required.

(13) Arrange for the Proposal for Establishing an International Agreement to be approved and signed by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (International).

Co-ordinate the Agreement

(14) Prepare the appropriate agreement.

(15) Co-ordinate the negotiation of the agreement terms as required.

(16) Liaise with General Counsel.

(17) Co-ordinate the agreement-signing process.

(18) Retain relevant agreement records in both electronic and hard copy formats and ensure all records are centrally archived at Macquarie Memory and in any contracts register / repository.

(19) Provide agreement progress reports to the Office of Institutional Advancement when required.

Executive Dean


(20) As appropriate, consider and approve:

  1. a Quality Assurance Assessment;
  2. an Academic Case; and
  3. a Proposal for Establishing an International Agreement.

(21) As appropriate, recommend a Proposal for Establishing an International Agreement to the Deputy-Vice-Chancellor (International).

General Counsel

(22) Review all international agreements.

Deputy Vice-Chancellor (International)

(23) Approve, as appropriate, a Proposal for Establishing an International Agreement.

(24) Sign all international agreements.

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Section 4 - Guidelines

(25) Nil.

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Section 5 - Definitions

(26) Definitions specific to this Procedure are contained in the International Agreements Policy.