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Admission of Domestic Applicants to Courses Procedure

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Section 1 - Purpose

(1) To specify the requirements and actions that enable the admission of domestic applicants to an approved preparatory, undergraduate or postgraduate coursework program / course* of study at the University.

*Note – In accordance with the Curriculum Architecture Policy, from 1 January 2020 ‘programs’ are known as ‘courses’.


(2) This Procedure applies to:

  1. all commencing domestic applicants applying for entry into a preparatory, undergraduate or postgraduate coursework program / course of study via direct entry and/or the Universities Admissions Centre (UAC); and
  2. University staff involved in the process. 
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Section 2 - Policy

(3) Refer to the Admissions (Coursework) Policy.

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Section 3 - Procedures

Part A - Responsibilities and Required Actions

(4) There is an Admission of Domestic Applicants to Courses Procedure Flowchart available for this Procedure.

(5) This Procedure requires actions by the following:

  1. Academic Senate;
  2. Executive Deans / Director, Macquarie University International College and English Language Centre;
  3. Vice-Chancellor;
  4. Revenue and Student Numbers Planning Group;
  5. Faculty Standards and Quality Committee;
  6. Director, Student Administration;
  7. Admissions Manager;
  8. Admissions Team;
  9. Student Business and Systems Solutions;
  10. Faculty Academics; and
  11. Applicants.

Academic Senate

(6) On recommendation of the Academic Standards and Quality Committee, and as proposed by the Faculty Executive Deans, approve the coursework awards to be offered.

(7) Approve admission requirements, including minimum English language proficiency, on the recommendation of the Executive Dean of Faculty.

(8) Consider and approve recommendations from Faculties relating to requirements for selection of candidates.

Executive Deans / Director, Macquarie University International College and English Language Centre

(9) Prior to each admission period, and in time for relevant publications, inform the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic) of:

  1. individual programs / courses to be offered for admission;
  2. any particular selection criteria, application material or changes to the application process for programs / courses on offer;
  3. individual program / course enrolment targets; and
  4. the admission requirements for each program / course below which an applicant will not be considered for an offer.


(10) Approve the annual schedule of tuition fees and charges on recommendation of the Revenue and Student Numbers Planning Group for programs / courses offered in any given admission period.

(11) Advise the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic) of program / course and/or unit fees for each coursework award on offer the following academic year.

Revenue and Student Numbers Planning Group

(12) On recommendation of the Faculty Executive Deans, and with input from relevant planning sections of the University, determine the individual program / course enrolment targets and admission strategies for any given admission period.

Faculty Standards and Quality Committee

(13) Annually review and approve Recognition of Prior Learning schedules (Departmental RPL Plans) for admission to the University.

Director, Student Administration

(14) Liaise with Faculties and relevant Units on strategy and policy matters related to admissions.

(15) Represent the University in communications with UAC on strategy and policy matters.

Admissions Manager

Publish Application Information

(16) In consultation with Faculties and relevant offices and units, confirm the programs / courses to be offered for admission via direct entry or UAC for each admission period, and programs / courses available for deferment.

(17) Liaise with UAC and relevant offices and units within the University to ensure the accuracy and appropriateness of admission information published on UAC, University websites and other printed material including:

  1. programs / courses to be offered;
  2. minimum admission requirements for each program / course;
  3. fee details;
  4. candidate selection criteria;
  5. additional application documentation and processes, and other relevant information; and
  6. procedures to accept and enrol in a timely manner, or to defer an offer.

Review Applications for Additional Consideration

(18) As the Authorised Agent of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic), review applications for additional consideration.

(19) In conjunction with the Executive Dean (or the Faculty’s nominated officer), finalise application decisions by taking into account:

  1. existing and supplementary information submitted by the applicant for additional consideration;
  2. the applicant’s demonstrated readiness for study;
  3. alternative study options and support that can be recommended to the applicant, and
  4. the Faculty’s recommendation.

Admissions Manager and Admissions Teams

Prepare and Complete Application Setup

(20) Liaise with Student Business and Systems Solutions to ensure that online application and enrolment systems are updated and configured for each admission period in a timely and appropriate manner.

(21) Liaise with UAC to ensure that accurate program / course information and admission requirements are set up on UAC systems by agreed timelines for each admission period.

Process Applications

(22) Process and assess direct entry and UAC applications in accordance with the University’s approved admission requirements and UAC guidelines.

(23) Manage the receipt and recording of each direct application.

(24) Liaise with applicants to ensure correct and timely provision of additional application details (if required) to enable processing.

(25) Process, assess and finalise application outcomes, including credits for Recognition for Prior Learning that can be determined at the admissions stage.

(26) Provide full applicant reports to the relevant Committees and/or Faculties to assist the selection of candidates where required.

(27) Process application decisions made by Admissions, Faculties or Committees.

(28) Notify successful applicants, including details of how they can accept their offer and subsequently enrol via the appropriate channel (direct entry or UAC).

(29) Notify unsuccessful applicants.

Student Business and Systems Solutions

(30) Work with the Admissions Team to update and configure Macquarie online application and enrolment systems as well as UAC system interface for each admission period in a timely and appropriate manner.

(31) Extract and import UAC offers within specified timeframe.

Faculty Academics

(32) Review applications which are referred to Departments for decision.

(33) Return admission recommendations, including Recognition for Prior Learning decisions, to the Admissions Team.


(34) Submit a complete direct entry or UAC application according to the details, instructions and timelines specified on the Macquarie University Courses website or the UAC website.

(35) Accept an offer and follow the Macquarie University enrolment steps (Accept and Enrol).

(36) If applicants consider that they have grounds to appeal a decision, lodge an appeal for admission in accordance with the Academic Appeals Policy / Academic Appeals Procedure.

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Section 4 - Guidelines

(37) Nil.

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Section 5 - Definitions

(38) Commonly defined terms are located in the University Glossary. Definitions specific to this Procedure are contained in the Admissions (Coursework) Policy.